Raw and Real

On this podcast Lotte and her guests share open-hearted stories about lifestyle, yoga, traveling, body image, food, guilty pleasures and much more. The goal is to inspire you to be that bad ass human being you have always wanted to be! That person who drinks wine and makes mistakes but is also really involved in wanting to make this world a better place. If this sounds like your call, this podcast is going to be your thing! Let's mix consciousness with craziness and get ready for genuine, monthly conversations!
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Episode 20 | 12-07-19 ♥ #20 Je Bent Niet Wat je Denkt, Depressie onder Yoga Docenten en Sivananda met Linda Hartenberg

Episode 19 | 03-07-19 ♥ #19 Loosing Someone you Love, Grief and Inviting your Ancestors to Breath with you in Meditation

Episode 18 | 19-06-19 ♥ #18 Reizen maakt Rijk! Merel Stegeman over Wonderlust, het Reisdagboek met Diepgang.

Episode 17 | 07-06-19 ♥ #17 HELP ME!'s Writer Marianne Power about Self-Help, Eckhart Tolle, Netflix, Wine and Happiness

Episode 16 | 31-05-19 ♥ #16 Sportieve Onderneemster Christina Koelewijn over werken bij Nike, Dromen Najagen, Work Outs & Balans

Episode 15 | 20-05-19 ♥ #15 Yin Power, Yoga Retreats, the Gallbladder hour and Why Teachers will Always be Students with Kristine Marie Rost

Episode 14 | 07-05-19 ♥ #14 Doel & idee van deze Podcast + een Mini Meditatie met Lotte van Graas

Episode 13 | 23-04-19 ♥ Handball, Hygge, Overcoming Sports Addiction & Orthorexia and Becoming Yoga Girl with Emilie Løvendorf

Episode 12 | 20-03-19 ♥ Acute Leukemie, 30kg Aankomen door Prednison, Sporten, Reizen & Positiviteit met Viora Rebergen

Episode 11 | 20-03-19 ♥ From Associate Attorney to Yoga Teacher and Getting Married in just a Month! With Britt Hunter

Episode 10 | 14-03-19 ♥ Fitgirl Larissa van Meerten over Alleen Reizen, Ondernemen, Balans, Ontspanning & Instagram Issues (IN DUTCH)

Episode 9 | 26-02-19 ♥ Josh Blau about what Yoga is (NOT), Meditation, Handstands, Finding your own Voice as a Teacher and Love

Episode 8 | 22-02-19 ♥ Proper Breathing, Yoga Every Day, Reducing Stress and Pretty Toes with Tye Fielding in Talalla

Episode 7 | 25-01-19 ♥ Traveling with Children, Fears, Flows and Acceptance as the Key to Happiness with @twobirdsandawhale

Episode 6 | 10-01-19 ♥ Body Image, Yoga, Eating Disorders and Hypnotherapy with Stephanie Sargent

Episode 5 | 18-12-18 ♥ Money, (Vipassana) Meditation, Boobs, Best Friends and Digital Nomad Life with Dillon Richardson

Episode 4 | 30-11-18 ♥ Yoga, Boyfriends, Guilty Pleasures and (the curse of) Conscious Living

Episode 3 | 10-06-18 ♥ Relationships, Travel Shit and then Right Back to Graditude

Episode 2 | 26-04-18 ♥ Food Obsessed Yogis with Lena Luce



Episode 1 | 04-04-18 26-04-18 ♥ East Meets West in Yogapants with Shubham Bhandari |