Conscious Junkie Podcast Show

The Conscious Junkie Podcast Show

I host a podcast guys!! It's one of the most fun things to do, inviting guests to dive into deep conversations about yoga, lifestyle, balance, sports and much more. Episodes can be listened on Spotify, Anchor and many more platforms!

Love the energy of this lady!

You are not most people!

Peta Kelly is on fire! Damn I love this human being. She is wild, honest and pure and her Australian accent is the best! I resonate with so much she says and does, she's a legend! Watch this little video. Do you feel the butterflies like I do? Go get her book Earth is Hiring! Inspiring as fuck.

Music is love

I LOVE music. It's my morning coffee, my mood medecine & peptalk and greatest inspiration. Where words fail, music speaks. 

My "Nomad playlist" is pretty random but worth checking out if you have an 'open-eared' taste of music. 

I won't say more. Turn up the volume. Close your eyes. Ignore the world and let the music take over your soul.


Sun Salutations, let's do this!

Yoga is for everyone. Cherish your body, have a positive attitude and celebrate who you are. Press play so that we can do some Sun salutations together!

Time for some Sun Salutations.

We rocked this Christmas together!

Flash back: Project kerstyoga 2017

It has been an AMAZING experience. Christmas 2017: 14 yoga teachers cheered up over 150 elderly people (one lady with the incredible age of 99 years! ) by teaching a free class. Check the 'stoelyoga kerstdans' and start practicing for next year 😉 Thank you all SO MUCH! Click if you want to read more.


Interviews & More 

16-10-18: Interview for By Equilibrio Felice

14-08-2018: Guest blog for Soulful Yogini 
25-04-2018:  Guest blog for Yoga Sisters.
06-04-2018: Interview with Zenzoekers 
March 2018: Interview Yoga International Magazine 
22-12-17: Project Kerstyoga 2017 in De Telegraaf 





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