Meditation will Change the World

Let’s Change the World and Meditate!

It is Thursday the 28th of June 2018 and the sun has been out since early morning. The summer has started but it feels like the day after Christmas! Are you familiar with the feeling in which a sense of relieve, nostalgia and sadness all comes together? That’s what I am experiencing right now - after having finished a 10 Day Meditation Challenge.

Lotte van Graas The Yoga Nomad

What did we do

We meditated 30 minutes (in the morning) for 10 days straight. I offered a ‘live meditation class’ in Vinkeveen, The Netherlands from 07.00 – 07.45 am in the morning. However people from all over the world could join through Instagram by posting a photo before or after each practice using hashtag: #letschangetheworldandmeditate

When I practice by myself, my strong & sneaky mind will find ways to stop. When more people are involved giving up is no option! This challenge turned out to be a great way to support and motivate each other. I absolutely loved it.

Group Energy

Sitting alone is wonderful but practicing meditation together – even when you are not physically together – is so powerful in a way. Through out the challenge I experienced a beautiful, collective energy of mindfulness and determination. This group- energy lighted my heart every day that we practiced. I noticed that the quality of being of others - their light, their (self)care, their love – was such a great support in my own practice.  

meditation challenge

Transform your Mind

After shit loads of meditation you transform your mind from disturbed to peaceful and your being from reactive to non-reactive. You learn how to overcome negative thoughts and how to calm the mind and relax the body. How WOAW and almost unbelievable does this sound? I wouldn’t believe it indeed and that’s why I had a hard time getting started. 

Get Started or Keep Going!

I wrote this article to inspire you to GET STARTED or to KEEP GOING with your meditation practice. Those (just!) 10 days has been transformational and even though the numerous benefits of meditation seemed unrealistic and unbelievable to me, their true! No myths, lies or sales tricks here. I am not asking you to believe me but I am asking you to just give it a go.

Why? For instance because the most successful people in the world meditate! Think of model Gisele Bündchen, actress Cameron Diaz, author Tim Ferriss, ‘Tupperware CEO’ Rick Goings, singer Sean Lennon and MANY MORE. This is not a coincidence; meditation transforms the brain and makes you a better person and more successful in live – in whatever way that may be.

Yoga ‘forced me’ into meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

  • The practice of meditation calms the (restless) mind
  • A deep, serene, calm and peace will slowly permeates into every aspect of your daily life (this is so amazing, I barley get angry or supset any more! I am a different person)
  • The function of your immune system will be increased
  • It increases focus, attention and acceptance
  • It makes you realise that you don’t have to be a slave of your own mind
  • Decreases stress
  • Meditation develops a sense of compassion
  • Improves your ability to regulate emotions

For me personally, it's SUPER HARD to sit still and DO NOTHING. My monkey mind keeps me busy and often seems untameable. However when I started practicing yoga in 2015, just asanas (yoga poses) weren't enough. It feels like yoga ‘forced me’ into meditation. I wasn't a fan from the start but I tried out different styles and techniques. I think that the best way to discover YOUR WAY is to try different things out. Here’s a couple of options:

These are just some examples. You can of course start practicing by yourself! take a comfortable seat. Sit still, straighten the spine and close down the eyes. Now simply start to bring your focus to your breath, That't it. You're meditating.

When you start to practice you will experience the following:

  • Wow it is really hard to sit still
  • How can I have so many thoughts?!
  • Questions like: “how much longer, why am I doing this, what shall I have for breakfast and why do I suck at this” will pop up.

This is all very freaking normal. The trick is just not to stop when these feelings and thoughts overcome you. 

The Art of not Being Busy 

In our busy day-to-day life’s our attention is often despaired. Along the way we have lost the connection with ourselves. Our bodies are in one place but our mind is in another place. The breath is shallow and without joy. Through the practice of meditation you enhance both your abilities to connect the body and mind and to enjoy the breath again. Meditation is simply the practice of not being busy and it brings so much peace and quiet into our lifes. 

Meditation The Yoga Nomad NL

Let's Change the World and Meditate 

So why do we change the world if we meditate? From my opinion changing the world starts with yourself. We have to start small by just being kind and do good! Even when no one is watching. We have to take good self care and bring more focus to what's happening inside of us. When you truly tune in with ourself (by meditation) at some point you will feel nothing but love. Love for yourself, love for your loved ones and when you go real deep... love for every being in this world! When we all start to love unconditionally, the world will transform into a better place and all beings will be happy.

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” - Mother Teresa


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