Be the One that Cares

Be the One that Cares

Be the one that gives without expecting anything in return.

Be the positive one that doesn’t care about being called weird.

Be the one that works hard but knows how to play hard too.

Be the one that smiles bright at strangers and says hello to them.

Be the one that gives a shit about our planet and wants to make a (small) change.

Be the one that goes first while feeling scared but then does it anyway!

Be the grateful & the respectful one, who is feeling blessed with so many possibilities.

                           lotte van graas copenhagen yoga festival

You are so special 

Be who you are meant to be at the first place. You’re not normal, you’re so so special. You are here to give the world big tug love and to show her some consciousness.

It’s your turn and it’s my turn.

Let us be the ones that show the world how good this is really meant to be. 

Feeling misunderstood 

All that I choose to do in life these days makes me feel so good. However I sometimes seem to speak another language, I feel like no one understands me. It shouldn't matter but damn! It gives me a lot of energy when all of a sudden there is this click with someone or with something someone is saying!

Peta Kelly inspires me SO MUCH. Check out this rad video to see and hear this Aussie gem talkin'. Hooked? Go read her book: Earth is Hiring. All of a sudden things fell in it's place and I no longer even want to be understood by everyone!


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