Take up a (small) Challenge and Make Yourself Proud!

Treat yourself

Challenging yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. Especially when you already have everything you’ve ever wanted. I want to point out that here is a big chance you're not living up to your full potential because of the simple fact that you are too comfortable. Challenging yourself – on small or large things – will make you a happier, stronger human being.

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Do it anyway

Being on Day 20 of a plank challenge I can say it’s NOT THAT EASY to plank EVERYDAY for (only) 2 minutes. I often don’t feel like it, can’t find motivation or feel too tired. Some days I want to take whatever excuse comes along just so that I don’t have to do it. To be honest, I think that we pretty much all make harmless excuses to get out of things we’re not in the mood for. However it feels REALLY GOOD to push myself that little extra and do it anyway. ESPECIALLY on days when I am not in the mood.

Mood is a bad indicator

Mood guys, is a bad indicator of whether we should do something. We’re often getting too comfortable and we forget that pushing boundaries of our comfort zone allows us to increase flexibility, focus and awareness. Overcoming ‘moody’ obstacles reconditions your brain. Life throws curveballs all the time, but if your challenge is smart, you can totally do it!

Make sure that your challenge is SMART before you kick off!

smart method challenge

Let’s see how 'SMART’ the plank challenge is:

  • Specific (ask yourself who, what, when, where, which, why)
    Easy in this case. I will plank two minutes, everyday, for 31 days. No matter where I am because I want to increase my strength and willpower!
  • Measurable
    Not much to measure here but I will use my watch to make sure I plank 2 minutes and make sure I do it for 31 days.
  • Achievable
    This is an important one. Your challenge should be challenging BUT attainable. How important is the challenge and the growth that comes from it for you? The goal for me in this case is to increase strength, willpower and to motivate and connect people. 2 minutes planking a day seems challenging but achievable.
  • Relevant
    There is only 24 hours in one day and you have to spend your time and energy wisely. Make sure the challenge fits in the bigger picture of your life. For me the 2 minute plank challenge definitely does because I want to live a healthy, fit and inspirational life.
  • Time Bound
    Check! The 2 minute plank challenge will go for 31 days (from the 1th to the 31th of March 2018). Again, see for yourself what works and suits your challenge.

Really, make sure that your challenge is SMART before you kick off! Ask yourself a lot of questions and write it all down. Sign the paper, add smileys, colours and then clip it on your fridge or put it above your bed. Let’s get started!

Instead of getting too comfortable, get comfortable with feeling challenged! 

Flip the script!

By taking up on challenges you train yourself to keep going, even when things get hard or are not going your way. You train yourself to flip the script! It is really #goddamngood to challenge yourself every now and again. Life is too short to sit back and let the world pass by you because you’re ‘just not in the mood’. So instead of getting too comfortable, get comfortable with feeling challenged!

Tips to keep going:

Tired? Do it anyway!
Can’t find motivation? Do it anyway!
Frustrated? Do it anyway!

That’s right. It's easy as that. Just do it anyway and surprise yourself! 

Make it a fun challenge!

Last but not least I highly recommend you to make it as fun as possible. Being a yoga teacher my greatest joy comes from connecting (with) people. Of course you can set a challenge up for yourself but it helps A LOT and DOUBLES THE FUN when you do it with more people! How to reach a crowd? Ask your partner, friends, colleagues or neighbors if they want to join you. Shout out on Instagram or demand your cat to be with you. 😀

Altogether, do it WITH OTHERS but do it FOR YOURSELF! Take up a challenge and make yourself proud!

I dare YOU to join me on the final 10 days of the plank challenge! Don't overthink, put on this song and JUST DO IT ! 



Namasé, Lotte

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