Crazy but Good AUM (OM) Sound Chanting

Crazy but Good AUM (OM) Sound Chanting

Do you remember your first yoga class where the - way too spiritual - teacher made you sing (or chant) the AUM or OM sound? There is a big chance that you couldn’t get your timing right. Other than that were you supposed to have your eyes close but you couldn’t help yourself from looking around to see if other students were doing the same, crazy thing. For the next coupe of classes you tried to skip it but then at some point... you chanted your first AUM and from then embraced the sound into your life 

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AUM Chanting 

If you read this, you're probably beyond that stage and now know better. Whenever the teacher tells you to, you chant along and it actually makes you feel good and alive! This makes perfect sense because there are plenty of reasons why chanting sounds – and especially the AUM sound – is a very healthy (and fun) thing to do.

Healing vibrations

The idea behind chanting sounds is that they cause vibrations in our body. Not only human beings but also surroundings are affected in a positive way through these vibrations.

AUM is the point of peace & solitude where a wandering mind comes to rest.

What AUM is 

It is known as the seed mantra of the crown chakra representing the stage of Turiya, the infinite consciousness. Standing for union and oneness AUM is  considered as the greatest of all mantras. It mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe and is therefor often used as a tool of meditation. 

What AUM does

AUM is the point of peace & solitude where a wandering mind comes to rest. Beyond AUM lies the no-thought zone: a good place to be for people like me because It’s a place where you can relax and have no troubles. A place where body, mind & soul get into a flow. It might sound wishy washy but you don’t know until you try. I can now say from experience that chanting this mantra does bring a lot of joy and peace! Especially when chanted in a larger group, the more people the stronger the vibrations. 

Benefits of Chanting AUM:

  • It brings the wandering mind to rest
  • It comes with healing vibrations
  • It improves concentration
  • It removes negative energy blocks in the body 
  • Chanting in general but expecially the AUM sound brings joyous feelings

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Recite 108 times 

The perfect repetition for the AUM sound is 108 times. There are a many different explanations for that, let me point out a few: 

  1. The individual number 1 - 0 - 8 represent one thing - nothing - everything. This is the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously one - emptiness and infinite. 
  2. They say it is because there are nine planets and twelve constellations which bring together a 108 of changes. The energy of these changes can be positively influenced by chanting mantras.
  3. 108 is a sacred number in yoga in hinduism. The mala necklace comes with 108 beads. You can use a mala necklace to keep track while meditating and chanting. I love mine (see photo above) but I should use it more often for it's purpose. 

Chant along (with Guidance) 

I would say let’s chant along but there is a little note to all excited AUM chanters: the mantra should be pronounced correctly! Doing it wrong won’t harm you but won’t bring you the beautiful benefits either. Make sure you practice with an experienced teacher or use this video to get the feeling.

ॐ Shanti Shanti Shanti. 



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