Join outdoor Yoga sessions in Vinkeveen, near Amsterdam by the beautiful surroundings of De Vinkeveense Plassen. Being in nature is very refreshing & nurturing and the view is stunning! You can choose from meditation, Slow Yoga and Power or vinyasa Yoga (energizing & strengthening) However ALL CLASSES have a great mix of playfulness, joy, integrity, grounding, power and freedom. Check the calendar below, register for your class and I hope to see you SOON.  Namasté ♥ 

Please note: In May some classes / times might be different from the hardcopy schedule. You find the accurate information below. Sorry for the inconvenience yogis. 

Yoga Styles

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Slow Yoga = Slow paced and relaxed. Breathing, stretching and engaging mentally allows you to become more familiar with your own body. Vinyasa or Power Yoga = A challenging flow, great to gain strenght and flexibility. Hatha Yoga: Perfect Balanced practice of Yin and Yang elements. Meditation = the practice of not being busy and with Pranayama we do breath work.

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Get an impression of yoga by the lake!

Vinkeveense Plassen, The Netherlands
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