India: Country of Contradictions! Should You Go? (YESS!)

India is crazy in many ways but worth a visit for sure. Do your research and plan your trip well is my advice!

INDIA. The land of deep rooted traditions, vibrant geographies, 1.3 billion people (!), curries, tuktuk's, saris, hinduism and of course yoga wisdom. India is intens, mesmerizing, dangerous and beautiful all at the same time. It's a country of mind-boggeling contradictions but... definitely worth a visit. 

India keeps Calling me 

After finishing my first Yoga Teacher Training with Arhanta in October 2015 I returned to India many times. The country speaks for her self as a soul-string journey and I am forever grateful for all the time I spend there. I think it's so cool, that more and more yogis (and not yogis) travel to "the source" to learn about the rich and profound ancient wisdom.  

gormuk the yoga nomad   holi festival india the yoga nomad

I think you should go to india! 

If you're a bit like me ( a yogi, adventurous, curious, and not afraid of dirt) I highly reccommend a trip to India. The country has SO MUCH to offer! However doing some research and questioning yourself plenty before you start your adventure is a must. With the good preps you stay safe and get the most out of your trip. 

Prepare your Trip and Question Yourself

I have traveled a shit load but really, India is something else. It can be quite overwheling so just study the country and plan your trip (especially when you haven't traveled much). Also, dare to reach out to like minded people (through Instagram or Facebook) who have been there before! I am sure they will be happy to help you. 

  • What is the main goal or purpose of my trip to India? (yoga, culture, food, visiting places) 
  • What places do I want to visit and is it safe to go there (by myself)? 
  • How do I want to travel in India? (busses, trains, planes) 
  • Do I know someone (via via) in India who can offer me support or help when needed? 

Easy Tourist Visa India 

Since a couple of years it's quite easy for most Europeans to get a two month tourist visa. Just go online and fill out the application form. It will take only 24 - 48 hours! Note: there are some shitty websites that try to make money out of it so make sure you go to the right on. Use this link to apply directly. 

Other Visa Options 

If you're planning to stay longer you could (at least Dutchies can) apply for a one year or even five year tourist visa. Again, you will need to fill out the form and then bring all the papers to the embassy. This application process will take 1 - 2 weeks. Less common options are a business visa, Emergency Visa, Entry Visa and Journalist Visa. I recommend you just check the official website of the Indian Government carefully. 

taj mahal India the yoga nomad

Digital Nomad's in India 

Digital Nomad's should be aware that internet facilities are not as reliable as in Bali or Thailand. Buying a sim card is the best tip I can give you. With most mobile plans you get 1 - 4 GB  per day. Again, it's not great everywhere but it's a good backup plan. Note: Bring a pasport copy and your full address to the store. 

In the next blog, that I will share soon, I will tell you all about my favorite spots, restaurants and yoga places in Goa, the smallest (beach) state in India where I have spend quite a bit of time. 


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