5 Reasons Why YOU Should go on a Yoga Retreat!

Relax, move in ways that make you feel good, have fun, recharge and shine like never before!

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? I mean, not just a hour or two in between the day-to-day madness, but some serious YOU TIME? Hmmm. Or have you been working so much that you have forgotten how it even feels to give yourself a week off? A week to simply be with yourself and enjoy life? 

Okay girl, I think it's about time that you "steal" some precious time for yourself! Why not gifting yourself a yoga vacation?! 

In this blog I share 5 GREAT REASONS why you should go on a yoga retreat right now (or anytime soon)! 😉

1. YOU Freaking Deserve it. 

If you read this, you are most likely a giver rather than a taker. You care about others. You have a household, a partner, a family or a job to deal with. Perhaps you even deal with all of it and more! Do you realize how much pressure that put's upon your shoulders? No one has ever been quite like you and no one ever will be. You are the one dealing with the curveballs that life throws all the time. You are a pleaser, desperate to keep everyone around you happy and satisfied. And you are so good at it!

Let me put this very clear, if there is ANYONE ON EARTH who deserves the best, IT'S YOU. You're happiness is worth everything. You're a living light. It's about time that you make space for the light in your chest to shine! You deserve this retreat more than anyone. 

shine your light

2. Get Rid of Bad Habits! 

Drinking too much, over eating, smoking or lacking in self-care. We all have a few bad habits that we would like to break, don't we? They are probably in your life for a reason but at some point you just now it should be over and done.

Now the best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new, healthy one! When you go on a retreat you get out of your regular routine for a week. This is a great opportunity to replace unhealthy habits with conscious, new behaviors that support you in being your best self!

3. It's a Great Detox! 

Going on a retreat allows you to unplug. To move your body and to rest more than you would normally do. To eat well without having to do all the work. Your body will undergo healing and you'll be able to let go physical and emotional baggage. After a retreat you will feel refreshed and recharged for sure! 

4.  Deepen your Yoga Practice 

Experiencing new things is good for the soul! If you are a regular practitioner, you are likely to improve your practice and if you are not, it’s an ideal opportunity to get started (and hooked ;)). Whatever your yoga history is, you will for sure get inspired in the high vibing spaces of goodness that retreats have to offer!  

5. Start Listening to your Heart (Again)

We all get stuck in thoughts and actions from time to time. Sometimes we forget about what we really care about. Are you still living the life you want to live? Or are you living someone else's story? If you are, take the retreat as an opportunity to tap in with the voice of your heart. The power of your heart is so much stronger then you might think! 

So, Make it Happen! #re-treatyourself

To cut it short, everyone has a different reason and perspective for going on a yoga retreat but the core reason is the same for all: YOU DESERVE IT! Going on a retreat enables you to capture this life and its beauty at its best. 

So LOVE and TREAT yourself like you should. Grab your calender and pick the week. YOUR WEEK. Sign up for the retreat that puts a fire in your belly. Start saving money and look forward to what's coming! A week full of self-care, fun, relaxation, delicious food and inspiration. 

I Would love to take you on an adventure. Come with me on one of the  retreats in 2019! ♥


When the world is so confusing 
you just don't know what to do, 
It may help to stop and listen 
to the voice inside of you, 
For it speaks the words of wisdom 
that, somehow, 
you've always known, 
And it guides your feet 
along the path 
that's meant for you alone. 
It may be just a whisper 
that you hear within your heart, 
But it gives you courage, 
strength, and hope 
to make another start.

- Ginny C. Worley  (Poems from the Edge) 
lotte van graas



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