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We live in a fast-paced-Western world which is great in many ways. Think of all the choices you have and the technology you can rely on. Think of all the possibilities that are right in front of you! However we tend to forget what really matters. We live in our heads! We feel a little and think too much. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga helps you to reconnect with your true self. Your deepest desires, your talents, your heart. I think it's time for us to find our way back home, to the heart. Let's break the rules, do what feels good and discover what's there. The time has come to leave the old manners behind and to get excited about new ways. Let me show you the way home while we thrive & play. Namasté, 

Your heart knows things that your mind can't explain

Benefits of yoga

You don't sweat, you sparkle!

Looking for reasons to start yoga? How about this: Yoga is a great workout, it improves your posture, develops both physical as mental strength, increases flexibility, improves your sleep, helps your breathing technique and gets you more in touch with your body. Most important: yoga helps you to love yourself and others. Get on the mat and have fun! 

Feel Good 

Be the energy you want to attract. 

Yoga inspires you to live a happy, healthy life. It includes so much more than just asana's (poses), meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises). The more you connect your body and mind the more you'll be able to take whatever you learn in class also with you OFF the mat. You will experience many psychological benefits and emotional healing. Yoga learns you to listen to your intuition, the voice of your heart. Wanna go all the way? Come with me on a yoga holiday

What can I teach you?

"No one is you and that is your power."

These days there are SO MANY yoga styles to choose from and this can be pretty confusing. I advice you to try out different styles to discover the right match to suit your needs. Hatha / Sivananda yoga is a beautiful style to start with. It encourages a healthy body and mind connection, increases flexibility and boosts your immune system. 

Power & Vinysa Yoga are both energetic practices. By breathing, body and mind will flow together as one and inner heat is generated. Great to gain strenght and flexibility. Definitely more challenging due the fast pace. Slow stretch: slow paced and relaxed. Breathing, stretching and engaging mentally allows you to become more familiar with your own body. Yin yoga: a quiet and simple (not easy!) practice, with more passive postures which work deeply into your body. Pilates yoga: a combination of pilates exercises and yoga poses. 

Try it out and remember to have fun! It's not about touching your toes, it's what you learn on the way down.

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